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Sentience is a shrine and fanlisting dedicated to the character Data of the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The shrine was created as part of the Amassment One Page, One Month Shrine Marathon which ran in June 2011. The shrine was opened on July 28, 2010 and the fanlisting was opened May 29, 2011. Because the layout at was built without the intention of having a fanlisting attached to it the fanlisting was a bit difficult to find for the longest time (I tried my best to make it visible, but I'm honestly surprised it never once ended up on Troubles for that). I'm happy to have finally been able to fix that.

Why I wanted to make this shrine I don't remember. What I do remember is Mom and I started watching TV shows together in the evening when I wasn't feeling well for some random reason and couldn't play video games without getting extremely motion sick. I don't remember how or why but we decided to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'd been in love with the series ever since I was a little kid (with vivid memories of an alien absorbing lifeforms giving me nightmares), but I had never actually watched the whole thing until then. After that I decided Data was my favorite character, and I guess that's why I wanted to make this site, heh.

Currently we are on version 2 of the site which was made by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and then coded by hand using Notepad. The image used in the layout was found at TrekCore and patterns used were found at Subtle Patterns. Fonts used are called AR DESTINE and were default with my Dad's old computer. Credit goes to Wikipedia and Memory Alpha for some information used on this site. Previous layouts used may be found at my layout archive.

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Made by Saya! Made by Vii!
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